Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Love the Problem!

I saw an interesting quote on Twitter yesterday that really struck me...

"Focus more on falling in love with the problems you want to solve rather than your initial ideas." -Eric Paley

So many times we come up with ideas and keep coming up with more ideas to fix problems but then these ideas are never implemented. It highlights an aspect where many of us are dreamers and wish to travel, maybe start a business or nonprofit, or we seek to make a lot of money so that we can give it away through charity. But as I have seen with myself, these dreams stay dreams and never reach reality. That's what this quote really hits at... if you come up with an idea that will help solve a problem, then run with it and do your very best to execute it and bring it to fruition. If that idea doesn't work, then think of a new one. There are many problems out there waiting to be solved!

It all circles back to "loving the problem". If we love it and long for it to be fixed, then we will come up with a multitude of ideas. Many of them may not work but there is a good chance you will find the one that does. Then there could be some real-world change.

What problems do you love?

Food insecurity is a problem that we are trying to solve at Feeding America Southwest Virginia. We encourage ideas and always love help!

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